£695 + VAT

This compact spray tanning system is available to spray all tanning brands without compromise and delivers a super-fine mist resulting in perfect tans every time.

The system uses an average of 45ml spray tanning solution per full body tan due to the higher spray transfer efficiency and lower waste. Operating at just 57dBA, it is one of the quietest systems on the market today. The Mini Diaphragm compressor operates on a continuous flow basis, meaning that the compressor is never working against a back pressure or in co-operation with an air reservoir.

This increases the life and performance of the compressor while preventing the build-up of moisture within the air circuit, a common cause for compressor failure.

Balanced perfectly with our unique spray tanning gun, no adjustments are necessary, simply plug in, switch on and spray. Not only that, it can be used like an airbrush to provide body contouring treatments, airbrush makeup and fake tattoo’s with simple trigger control.

The i-Tan Super Mist


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