Introducing the Next Generation of Automated Spray Tanning Booths

OPUS 4 by i-Tan

World’s Leading Automatic Spray Booth

  • Tan in 6 Minutes – Dries in Seconds
  • Flawless Spray Tans Every Time
  • Automated Voice Instruction
  • Complete Privacy


It’s the best tan I’ve ever had!


It’s idiot-proof, 100% streak free, and didn’t even get those dreaded “half moon” underboob white patches!

Lynne, Client

Fantastic results, in privacy, tan in 5 minutes….what else can you ask for!!

Salon Owner, Haddington

Customers love there flawless tan and in the privacy of the booth in the our salon.  A real hit with my clients!

Salon Owner, North Berwick

OPUS 4 Features

Patented Robotic Linear / Radial Spray Arm
Using a single spray gun, simulating a professional manual spray treatment the radial arm is programmatically controlled to spray the client with a trajectory to ensure even spraying without under or overspray.

Micro-fine Atomization Technology
Ensures a flawless tan is achieved every time, no matter body shape, body size or skin type. In conjunction with the robotic spray arm the spray technology uses only a minimal 75ml per session.

Front PassThe Client Experience
Is relaxed and comfortable during its 6-minute professional quality treatment cycle due to the following features:

  • overhead lighting provides a relaxed mood
  • warm air flows over the clients
  • reassuring voice instructions

Internet Access
Our engineers are able to access the booth control remotely to:

  • Customise settings for your requirements
  • Monitor the performance
  • Fault find problems

Patented Re-circulating Down-Flow Extraction System
Along with micro-fine atomization technology – gives the following advantages:

  • Open fronted designs to avoid a claustrophobic experience for client
  • Allows clients to finish the cycle dry and ready to get dressed
  • The booth and treatment room remains clean and ready for the next client
  • Down-Flow technology flows overspray downward, protecting clients from inhalation of fluid
  • Only minimal maintenance of filters required each day

Dry Filter Technology
Unlike the majority of automatic spray tanning booths does not require complicated, and slow water-wash cycle or expensive plumbing.

The advantages of this are:

  • No expensive plumbing required to install water pipes and drainage
  • Allowing easy and quick installation and relocation of booth
  • Disposable dry filters are quick, easy and clean to maintain and change

Control System
Offers the following features:

  • Touch screen interface
  • Selectable settings are provided for light through to heavy coverage
  • Selection of a choice of two preinstalled fluids

Fluid Delivery Systems

  • Two separate fluid delivery systems are installed giving a choice of two different solutions to be chosen from the control interface
  • Each delivery system has a four litre capacity providing up to 400 sprays between refills
  • Fluid change over is under 2 minutes

Floor Area Requirements
More compact automatic spray tanning booth than other models.

1100mm wide x 1425mm deep x 2250mm height

It fits into most European treatment rooms and requires a floor area of just 1500mm width x 2500mm depth x 2300mm height with a normal domestic twin plug socket for power supply.

Opus 4 Floorplan

Requires standard 240V /50Hz 13 amp power supply.

Can be installed in under two hours.

1-Year Standard Warranty with 1-Year Extended Warranty Available