Automatic Spray Tan Booth- How it started

The OPUS 4 Automatic Spray Tanning Booth is the original brainchild of i-Tan. i-Tan is a leading innovator of Sunless Tanning Equipment since 2002. The booth has been designed upwards from the shell of OPUS 3 Integrated Spray Tanning Booth. OPUS 3′s proven track record for high performance in terms of extraction and containment of overspray made it an ideal platform for the integration of a unique patented robotic spray arm. This resulted in the development of OPUS 4, an idea born as early as 2007.

The OPUS 4 uses just a single i-tan design HVLP spray gun. The gun has been integrated to a programmable dual axis robot and mounted to the front of OPUS 3. The OPUS 4 creates a comfortable experience for the client as they’re sprayed using similar techniques to manual spray tanning, the difference being however that OPUS 4 delivers repeatable results in complete privacy and complete comfort.

OPUS 4 Automatic Spray Tan Booth



Find out more about the OPUS 4 automatic spray tan booth by watching the video. If you are interested in renting the OPUS 4 automatic spray tan booth, you can find information on renting or leasing the OPUS 4.

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