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The Opus 3 is i-Tan’s premium integrated spray-tanning booth, incorporating a patented downward flow and a circulating, heated, air extraction system.
The heated environment not only creates a pleasurable experience for the user, but also has been proven to enhance the development of DHA on the skin.

The Opus 3 is a premium manual spray tanning booth that incorporates an effective downward flow and re-circulating heated air extraction system, meaning that 90% of the extracted air stays within the confines of the booth, releasing just 10% of clean filtered air back into the salon treatment room. This technique ensures salon treatment rooms remain clean as a massive 99.9% of the overspray remains within the booth, captured by a comprehensive 3-Stage filter arrangement. It is by far the best extraction booth available on the market today.

James Read (Celebrity Tanner) purchased one of these for his treatments at The Sanderson Hotel in London. His treatment room, a potential booth manufacturers’ nightmare, comprises expensive wall to wall white drapes, white ceiling and white tiles. After 3 years operation, everything remains white!!!! With Opus 3’s patented re-circulating extraction technology it allows clients to be exposed to a warm flow of downward air throughout the tanning process, drying clients continuously. More importantly, it prevents the inhalation of overspray as the downward air speed of 1.1m/sec containing the airborne particulate, is greater than the power of human inhalation, meaning that the action of inhalation while standing within the booth volume is not enough to change the direction of the moving particulate.

The OPUS 3 Spray Tanning Booth


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