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The Travel Tanning Case is proving to be an extremely successful unit, both in terms of performance and sales. Perfect for the Mobile Tanning Therapist and Make-Up Artist, who need a no-fuss reliable system that is robust enough to withstand considerable travelling.

This lightweight unit is used by some of UK’s top tanning therapists including James Read and James Harknett, UK’s top celebrity tanning experts.

Weighing just 9kg and fully integrated within a stylish aluminium travel case, it includes a carry handle and a separate pull-up handle allowing it to be transferred on integrated wheels. Operating at just 56dBa, it is one of the quietest systems on the market.

The compressor operates on a continuous flow basis, meaning that the compressor is never working against a back pressure or in co-operation with an air reservoir. This increases the life and performance of the compressor while preventing the build-up of moisture within the air circuit, a common cause for compressor failure.

Balanced perfectly with our unique spray tanning gun, no adjustments are necessary, simply plug in, switch on and spray. As with all spray equipment configurations, the system is capable of spraying ALL tanning brands using just 45ml of solution on average. Not only that, it can be used like an airbrush to provide body contouring treatments, airbrush makeup and fake tattoo’s with simple trigger control.

Mobile spray tanning case


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