About Us

At i-tan, home of the Automatic Spray Tan Booth and other Spray Tan Extraction Booth, we strive for innovation beyond the ordinary. Our equipment ranges have been carefully designed with the users in mind; creating a truly comfortable experience to suit all sunless tanning needs.

We are unique in that we both design and manufacture our equipment, resulting in you as the customer receiving the best possible prices and aftercare. Our expertise in design and manufacturing has produced a range of products that have been continuously improved and revolutionised the way we approach innovation.

Spray Tan Extraction Booths

As a company we endeavour to put the customer and their needs above all, resulting in the creation of the option to lease all of our equipment.
 i-Tan’s dedicated staff work together; from our design through to our sales team to ensure the best product and services are provided, every time.
We have sold lots of happy customers various i-Tan products from our range of spray tan extraction booths.

How Can We Benefit You?

At i-Tan, we believe we have something for everyone – Whether you are a mobile therapist, have an existing tanning salon or are looking to expand and grow your business; we have the right equipment for you. With a range of leasing options across our entire equipment range, it’s guaranteed there will be an opportunity for you.